Perspective From A New Recruiter

As a quick introduction, my name is Taylor Sook, and I am coming up on my third year of recruiting. This has been my first and only job following my graduation from North Carolina State University. Looking back on this time, I couldn’t be more proud and excited in all that I have accomplished and learned from such a rewarding but challenging job. Here are the top 5 reasons why I believe recruiting to be the best first-time job so that you too can have this overwhelming feeling of accomplishment in the work you are doing.

  1. Positive Impact
  2. Job Variety
  3. Networking
  4. The Hustle
  5. Comfort in the Interview Process

Positive Impact

As a recruiter, you are working with candidates/individuals on the daily to present new job opportunities that match their career goals and growth. Whether they have recently been laid off and actively looking or happy in their current role but open to hearing what is out there, you have connected this candidate with another company and job opportunity that could be the next best step for their career. On the other side, you have brought exceptional talent to a company that was struggling or didn’t have the capacity to find this talent. All in all, you have found a match on both ends resulting in happy people all around.

Job Variety

The companies and types of jobs you recruit for are endless. From marketing to sales to a software engineer, you are gaining exposure to all aspects of a business and how they come together to be successful. You are constantly learning each and every job so that you are able to have intelligent conversations with potential candidates. I look back and cannot believe how many jobs I now understand even though they may never be on my career path.


Recruiting is a constant cycle of networking. As you get on the phone with potential candidates, you are not only learning from them but gaining connections to other companies and opportunities. Whether you are looking for a new job or not, you are expanding your professional knowledge outside of your “bubble.” You begin to realize that yes you are speaking to this candidate for a particular job now, but they could lead you to more opportunities in the future or even be your future employer.

The Hustle

There is an aspect of recruiting that is all about the hustle. When you are working on a new opportunity, you want to find the best candidate as fast as possible. There is a sense of competition as you may not be the only person working on the opportunity and of course, you want to be the one to fill the position. There is a huge reward to see all the work you put into a position come to light.

Comfort in the Interview Process

Joining the workforce, comes with what can be known as the “daunting” interview process to individuals who do not have much experience. There is so much unknown when you first start the job search process and the questions being asked in an interview but as a recruiter you are interviewing multiple individuals every day with those same questions. You begin to realize and find comfort in how it is just a conversation between two intelligent individuals to find the right fit. As you constantly interview others, you begin to develop more confidence that you too can do this on the other side.

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