Candidate Experience

Numerous articles delve into the subject of Candidate Experience, a crucial differentiator for recruiters. Here are key points that anyone in Talent Acquisition should bear in mind when interacting with candidates:


The foremost mistake recruiters make is fixating on numbers—dialing in and out, filling requisitions hastily to meet quotas. It’s essential to genuinely care about the individuals you work with. Place yourself in their shoes, empathize with their thoughts and feelings. Some candidates may not have interviewed in years and may need guidance. Exercise judgment, treat people kindly, and follow the Golden Rule.


Set expectations early and maintain consistent communication. Inform candidates about the frequency and stages of communication, providing a timeline for feedback. Inquire about their preferred communication method—calls, emails, texts—acknowledging the flexibility that modern communication affords. Automate your system for efficiency; many Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) enable automated emails at various process stages. Always inform candidates who interviewed but were not selected. Even if not through a call each time, keep your “silver medalists” engaged with your company’s or client’s brand for potential future roles.


You represent the company brand to the candidate; treat them accordingly. Recognize them as customers in a sense and employ tactics your sales team would use. Screen for culture fit, leverage social media and employment branding to engage candidates and facilitate the closing process. An innovative example is a client who purchased a golf cart to transport candidates around the campus—an excellent method for casual one-on-one time and a unique differentiator in the recruitment process. Consider these approaches to elevate your candidate engagement.

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